By Stacey Teague
(Illustrated by Emily Horn)

i put my hands into the middle of myself
and open them slowly outwards

i am making space for you

beneath a blanket
we put our heads together

we are no longer discernable as two separate people
we are just one person with many sides

holding your lips in my lips
we fall asleep like this
when i wake up

i sort of kiss you

i make a small noise
which is supposed to convey everything i feel for you
and it will sound like "mmrm"

i want to hold your entire body in my hand
i think maybe if you stood far away i could visualise this

i want to barely make a sound when we are together
the small sounds that we make
will mean something more

i want to feel aware of my own existence
when i am touching your face

we talk about how weird it is to be "a thing"

we walk around
we feel the same way


stacey teague lives in england