A Mural For The Hospital
by Jesus Moses

(Illustrated by Shona MacPherson)

i am burning down everything
i can’t touch
from the clouds to the internet
to you, friend

i am pouring out every little

i wake up with kidney pain and
remember every face
i saw at the hospital
during those two years.

i am cleaning the glass of every little

today the sky drooped a little
i held it up with one hand
as i caught every single green light
on the way to nowhere.

i’ve made the glass so clear these little
are invisible.

music falls between
boards of the ceiling
kind of

as i refill every little
bottle &
place them back on the shelf

i bring you, friend, and every
friend very close to me &
i hold them all
in a group hug
very tightly
& smile a large, thin smile,
as some of the breath leaves everyone

in the hug,
i expire

and everyone goes back
to what they were doing
kind of
everyone but me
becomes normal again
kind of


jesus moses lives in chicago