Do You Believe In Life After Love?
By Walter Mackey

"Smile for me daddy".

"Wait, what?"

"You know, that song, smile for me daddy, whatcha looking' at? I want to see ya grillz. Ya wanna see my what? Ya, ya grillz, ya, ya, ya grillz, got the whole top diamond and the bottom row's gold".

"Yeah, I know the song, but like, why are you singing it?"

"It just popped into my head, it's been in my head all day. Sometimes you get a song stuck in your head and you just want to sing it. Like, maybe if you sing it—it won't be stuck in your head anymore".

Frank held Jeremy's erect penis in his right hand.

"This is like, the most awkward time to sing this song. You're like, using my dick as a microphone to sing Nelly lyrics to me or something".

"Dickophone," said Jeremy.

"Yeah, I'm turned off I think," said Frank, “I just keep picturing the band-aid. Nelly's band-aid”.

"No, I'm sorry, I mean, I don't want you to be turned off, it's just funny. It's a funny song. Grillz used to be like, a big hit!" apologized Jeremy.

"You ruined the video," said Frank. Frank got up from the bed, and walked over and hit the red button on his video camera atop a tripod.

Frank—35, and Jeremy—37, ran a gay couples porno website in which they would film videos and share them with other couples. Single members on the website, were not allowed. The site currently housed 57 various couples who submitted multiple videos each day.

"I'm going to have to edit it now, I'm going to have to cut that part out," groaned Frank.

"I think you should keep it. It will be funny. Just think about it, it makes it seem more realistic or something, like a funny moment in time that happened and we got it on tape. I think you should feel lucky," said Jeremy.

"I don't feel lucky, I feel pissed. You were supposed to give me a blowjob and I was supposed to give you a facial but now we're just standing here—naked and arguing," screamed Frank.

"Who is arguing? No one is arguing. You're being out-of-control," whispered Jeremy.

"I'm going to take a walk" said Frank. He walked over to the left side of the bed and slid on his jeans, no underwear. He threw an orange shirt over his head and grabbed his flip-flops—Jeremy guessed he wouldn't be gone for long.

Jeremy took a shower and turned on the television. He watched an episode of Three's Company and ate some Sweet Chili Heat Doritos. He kept looking at the clock, wondering when Frank would be back. The phone rang, but it was just his mother. He used the Caller ID to screen her call and decided to call her back, if not later, then sometime tomorrow.

"Here, little fella," said Jeremy. Jeremy's tiny Jack Russell Terrier came over and ate a Sweet Chili Heat Dorito out of his hand. "Are they too hot for you?" asked Jeremy. The dog ate the Dorito and licked his lips, jumped down from the couch, spun around in three circles and peed. Jeremy did not clean up the pee.

At 11:30 PM, someone started knocking on the door.

Bang, bang, tha-rump.

Jeremy went over to the door and looked through the keyhole. It was Frank, and he was drunk. Jeremy opened the door and said "hey Frank, do you feel any better?"

"Of course I feel fucking better," slurred Frank. "I feel 100% fucking better, I look like a fucking hot sexy mess right now. Look at me, I'm so fucking sexy".

"Yes, Frank. You look very sexy right now," said Jeremy.

"What the fuck is this? Dog piss? Is this fucking dog piss? I'm stepping in dog piss. Why the fuck didn't you clean it up?" screamed Frank.

"I…I meant to. I mean, I meant to do it but you came home. He just did it, like, two minutes ago," said Jeremy, meekly.

"He didn't do it two minutes ago, you fuckface, it's cold. This dog piss is cold on my foot. Clean it up, fucking clean it up, you fucker!" screamed Frank.

"Okay, okay, don't get hostile," said Jeremy.

Frank tore a paper towel off the roll on the counter and wiped up the dog pee. There wasn't much, most of it had gotten soaked up by Frank's flip-flop.

"Come on, let's have sex again," said Frank.

"Frank, you're drunk, I don't know if I feel comfortable having sex with you right now," said Jeremy.

"No, let's do it, babe, look at me, I'm so hot right now. I'm like fucking Cher on her fourteenth Farewell tour," said Frank.

"Okay, let's do it, I guess. Are we going to film it?" asked Jeremy.

"Are we going to—of course we're going to film it, fuckface. Don't be stupid. We're going to film it and we're going to love it," said Frank.

They both took off their clothes and made their way to the bedroom. Jeremy pushed the red button on the camera and they were back in business. At first, they both started kissing each other on the mouth, and then Jeremy moved down further to Frank's stomach and eventually did things with Frank's penis. Frank took his penis and inserted it into Jeremy's ass. Jeremy made some noises and some faces. Frank moaned louder and louder and said dirty things at the camera while looking directly at the lens. Jeremy made a loving face towards the camera, he smiled. Frank pulled out of Frank's ass and told him to get on all fours. Jeremy got on all fours. Frank reached down by the side of the bed and pulled out a small hunting knife. Frank inserted himself in Jeremy's ass once more and started fucking him. They both made noises. Frank ran the knife down Jeremy's back and placed it near his throat. Jeremy and Frank were very into knife play. Frank looked at the camera, smiled, and plunged the knife into Jeremy's back. Jeremy screamed, immediately rolled over on his back, and started writhing in pain. The white sheets stained crimson.

"You stabbed me, you fucking stabbed me! What the fuck, I'm going to call the fucking cops!" screamed Jeremy, completely hysterical

Frank grabbed the handle of the knife with a firm grip and began stabbing Jeremy even more. Frank stabbed Jeremy's chest, stomach, right shoulder, neck and face. Jeremy's lifeless body lay on the bed, covered in blood. Frank's emotionless face looked at the camera, covered in blood.

The next day, Frank took Jeremy's body parts and the videotape and placed them in a black garbage bag and put it out on the curb in a bin. The garbagemen came and picked up Jeremy's body and brought it to a landfill. Frank put on his flip-flops and went for a run. Frank listened to "Grillz" by Nelly.

In time, Frank forgot about Jeremy. Everyone forgot about Jeremy.

Even you, will forget about Jeremy.


walter mackey lives in newfoundland