Gas Prices
By LK Shaw
(Illustrated by Sarah Jean Alexander)

I am driving at night and this is when I am myself
with this music and this darkness and these thoughts of you on video chat

the windshield wipers remind me of that balcony
where I cried
and you touched my two dimensional face

do you know that I am nowhere else
but the inside of my head
and the other side of your screen?

that I am hopeful for you
that I am planning something

yeah, you know that

i wake up and you are all still alive
and I say good morning
has anything happened since we last spoke?

so you tell me

and I can't tell if this is a depressing story
or a love poem

but i am writing it to you
and i think you are getting it, somewhere

so I will find out which gallery contains the most Basquiats
and I will meet you in some pizza place
when you step off your bus

and I will walk in a park with you or something
and it will be raining

i don't know it the world has stopped turning
or if we're too fast for it

but I feel us accelerating towards something,

I feel us each press one shoulder to the wheel.


lk shaw lives in shabby doll house