How The Movie Ends
By Olivia Lilley and LK Shaw

(Illustrated by LK Shaw)

4:11 PM me: want to live in a shabby doll house
in the middle of nowhere
like northern canada or something
with all the shabby dolls
4:13 PM feel like i should 'make it big' and then become a reclusive garbo type showbiz figure, living in northern canada in a shabby doll house
feel like people would come to stay for a couple of months and then 'move on'
would be nice
olivia: I'll come to stay
and "move on"
me: sweet
we'll make films
4:15 PM olivia: I think I am going to be an experimental filmmaker
once I have my capital
I need to learn the technology though
for filmmaking
4:16 PM I know how to do everything that appears onscreen
how to tell a visual story
but I don't know what buttons do what
4:17 PM I also want to sing in a punk band
I don't know when I will have time to do all this
but I want to
4:18 PM me: you should make a film for shabby doll
like 'reality bites'
me: want to sing in a jazz band and a punk band and a hip hop band
olivia: where are we going to find all these musicians who we get along with swimmingly?
me: not sure, should make 'shabby doll records' one day
olivia: record label
4:20 PM I'll stage all the live shows
for the artists
me: yes
olivia: thats my job
I got our designers
that would be sick
shabby doll
becomes a cultural institution
like andy warhol's factory
producing bands and lit and art
me: that's what we need to do
olivia: oh man
4:21 PM me: lol
just imagined us having the shabby doll house moved from northern canada to union square and having it rebuilt in the middle of the little park
4:22 PM and people just being ok with that

olivia: california
is where its at
union square?
is so 1975
sf is the new ny
I actually believe that
me: haha
olivia: its on its way
if you can make it there
4:23 PM you can make it anywhere
if you can become a billionaire in sf
me: don't think i'll be a billionaire
feel like i'll put all the money back into shabby doll
4:24 PM don't know where i want to live
don't think california
olivia: :(
you can hang in my rv
when its done
and I can buy it
me: good
i will
olivia: its scary
4:25 PM I'm scared to drive it
an omen happened
my friend was working on it
the other day on the side of the road
and on the side of the rv
it says lindy
well a guy in a truck pulled up
told him he knew lindy
she was apparently the daughter of the manufacturer
and she was always crashing cars
and he was always buying her a new one
4:26 PM so this guy went to college with lindy
this guy who pulled over
so that's why our rv is named lindy
after some brat who's now in her 50's
17 in 75' or some shit
me: oh wow
that seems funny
4:27 PM feel like when things happen in life, i don't believe them if they seem too coincidental
olivia: hahaha
me: feel like if i wrote that, it would seem unbelievable
olivia: amen
its a movie
movies made sense to us
growing up
now they don't
because we know they lied
their logic makes no sense
me: mm yeah
i keep thinking
4:28 PM 'we already know how the movie ends'
re: me and XXXXXX
but it's not a movw
i guess
olivia: yeah
it should end when he realizes he's been an idiot
the way my movie with XXXXXX should end but won't ever
4:29 PM basically
but alas
me: yeah and he's like driving in the rain and it suddenly hits him and he turns the car around and comes to my house etc
olivia: he was never who I thought he was anyway
me: lol
olivia: just like that
being alone while unemployed is depressing
I need to constantly be surrounded by people out here
or I get sad
I should be working on my new short film
but its hard when my computer's in chicago
me: in the book of Breakfast at Tiffany's, it ends sadly with holly just going away on her own
me: in the movie, she falls in love with him
olivia: not in the movie version
me: i like the bit in the movie
when he says, 'life's a fact, people do fall in love, people do belong together' or whatever
but it
seems like
nobody thinks that anymore.....


olivia lilley lives in san francisco

lk shaw lives in toronto