It Looks Like You
By Sarah Jean Alexander

(Photo by Kate Shaw)

I Know Nothing of Anyone's Beauty

"How does it feel to be beautiful?" she asks with eyes closed.

I stare at the ceiling above my bed and dissect her words.





I think,

"to be"



I think,

describes the way I look, maybe,

the way I speak, maybe,

the way I treat others and the way I treat myself.

How does it feel

How does it feel

How does it feel.

It feels like your hand in mine for 9 years straight.

It feels like that time your dad made you cry at the bus stop.

It feels like going into a bathroom stall with a club photographer and letting him take pictures of me with my pants off.

It feels like freshman year at NYU.

It tastes like bad pizza and Everclear,

it smells like my face in your hair,

it looks like you, it looks like you, it looks like you.


sarah jean alexander lives in baltimore