By LK Shaw, Crispin Best, Stephen Michael Mcdowell, Sarah Jean Alexander, Gabby Gabby, Maggie Lee, Laurens Verdonkschot, Jordan Castro & Peterbd.

LK : taurine in my bloodstream / hottest poet you've seen /
stayin' up all night because i'm workin' on my website
haters think I’m jokin but I’m straight overdosin /
yeah. Monster is my Vice - like megan boyle, It’s real nice /
I got caffeine on my mind and my money in my pocket,
2 cans for 2 dollars imma murfuckin rocket

CRISPIN : i'm dat fiend, getting high offa caffeine/
fat peen and i gotta buy all the flat screens/
for my truck i don't give a fuck,
drinking red bull/
gettin' brain like bad bitches at a med school

STEPHEN : jaw clinch, head rush /heart palpitation/
murderer of distraction/ I kill 'em w concentration/
starbucks, invent a bigger mothafuckin cup/
you can call me the c-fiend/
i'm gulpin liquid niggas up

SARAH JEAN : you think i got here on my own? / think it was me who made this zone? /
you think I did this cold sober? / l-o-l, oh hell no,
gimme psychoactive drugs /so that my eyes all gettin bugged/
so I be movin' at rapid rates with solid caffeine on my plate/
so I cut' slices up for lunch until they sayin’ it's too much/
til they scared i'mma kill this livah... call me back when you reach this level
cuz i'll take 10 cups to the dome / they'll watch me blow up like a bomb/
high as shit on casual drugs/
i'm fly wid it --------refill my mug

GABBY : i got my starbucks, and i'm lookin like my bank account/
stacked a hunnit adderall. sup bitch, count em out
and yeah, I'm so like money that I can’t even cash in/
just saw kanye on the charts and y'all know that I passed him

I kill the whole game wit one round of espresso shots /
h-t-m-l coding while they tattoo on the tear drops
got my 8 ounce red bull, I call it lil wayne
I eat that shit like ice cream: gabby vs gucci mane

LAURENS: make a nigga blink in morse code / foretell they own death /
bb moms won't kiss me / i got monster on my breath.
i'm on that generic store brand /
with caffeine laced molasses / Adderal popping /
and I just advanced three classes /
feelin mad virile /yeah, piss, hella sterile /
Proplus in my cereal, i'm listening to Burial /
this caffeine buzz got me feelin all malarial /

MAGGIE : check my ass, look at me /
in the mornin, east twenty-third /
people pushin down the street like some mothafuckin herd /
swaggin like a champ ima go into this shop / lana in my ears, wanna let my booty drop /
the pastries are all ballin, the caffeines a real help /
but thas not why im givin hella 5 stars up on yelp /
im awake im alive and they still brewin my coffee /
flirtin up a storm /
/ suck dat counterboy like toffee /

JORDAN : who would've thought / that these comments would turn into commas?
since '09 i been grinding / bitch, i'm 'bout it 'bout it
i'm drinkin' mud, smokin' bud / i think i got a problem
ain't never sleepin' / drinkin' caffeine and i'm snortin' powder

R-E-A-L / i'm who they feel
same on the 'net / as in I-R-L
you just a brand /
you just swag-sell
you actin' yeen 'bout that action /
castraham, it's my year

PETER: fuck anyone who thinks i'm odd
''cause i refer to coffee as my god
treat this brewed deity with the utmost respect /
serious worship / before sipping, i genuflect
continuously paying homage to the caffeinated paradigm /
when i'm tired as fuck, it's like a liquid exorcism
in my lowest damnation, it lifts me up /
first time i felt the holy spirit
was when a barista put espresso in my cup

LK poets actin modest,
while rappers gettin' money
we say we want success
and they be lookin' at us funny
i'll be workin' long nights until shabby find a sponsor
so everybodys knows i'm drinkin motherfuckin' monster