Stickers And Buttons
By Nic*Rad

Listen to these politically purple words
I am raging with a naked but clever ambition
I want to be the president of a failed nation
I want to direct traffic in a rainstorm

We should get a room at the La Quinta Inn
On the edge of a seedy town
Order caviar from room service
and not hang up when we are laughing
so hard
this moment is
our only inside joke

When I am lonely I sing
songs from childhood
that got stuck inside
the La Quinta Inn
of my brainspace
memory stick

After I am old
I want to invite you back to my seedy hotel
for a love experience
while I sing
The Wheels On the Bus
Go Round and Round

You are wearing a polka dot jump suit
and doing handstands
for dollar bills

You are backing that thing up
and doing some version of the Electric Slide
that Tesla would be into

You are making chicken noises
while cooking eggs
in a bright orange skillet

The air tastes like
cinnamon chewing gum
which I think
tastes just like regret

I don’t want to tell you
there is only one hour before our
least favorite show
that we must watch
and sink back
into the privacy
of our childhood apartments

It was a good reign
I was the change
you wanted to believe in
we did it all
with stickers and buttons


nic rad lives in new york city