Three Ghosts
By Tyler Arsenault

(Illustrated By Walter Mackey)

three ghosts singing to a reflection

i still miss you tonight
you are a thousand feet away
and i might walk to your apartment building just to be outdoors
i am saving myself for marriage
i don’t believe in politics

some of the most intimate connections i’ve ever made
have been with women six to ten years older than me
at bars with an x drawn on the backs of my hands
in black permanent marker,
i am quickly alienated when i fall in love

i know that when i see you in my dreams, i am talking in my sleep
and i’m grinding my teeth and i don’t care about anything at all and
most of the day i feel like i'm my own ventriloquist and my own dummy,
the internet is for lovers

at your sister’s house at eight in the morning after a long drive
we will never share a bed again, nothing is meant to be, there is no fate

she is too tall for a boyfriend

boxed wine on the floor of an apartment,
you are unsure at an upscale mexican restaurant
i can read your mind, i can read minds,
and then i love everyone
and i am getting choked up at twenty-somethings
having a very episcopalian wedding


Tyler Arsenault lives in upstate New York