What A World
Gchat Excerpts

By Theo Thimo & LK Shaw

LK: hey theo
Theo: sup
was just about to msg u
but then i didn’t
LK : oh, nice. why?
Theo: because i went downstairs instead
LK: ok, cool

Theo: i got a haircut today
its awful
LK: oh goddamn
why did you do that?
Theo: my hair was too long
but now its too short
LK: i see
well, you have that green hat
Theo: i look like a 12yr old neo nazi
LK: lol. cool
Theo: lol, that is kind of cool

LK: hi
Theo: hi
LK: hehe
Theo: pkm
LK: why whats up
Theo: i cant find my phone
and theres an emptiness in my heart that can only be filled by harming myself
jesus where is my phone?
oh, dont worry its on my charger
LK: oh, ok, good

Theo: drinking OJ, very happy
man the world just gets me sometimes,
what a grand life im living
drinking OJ wow
LK: wow
you're bi polar

LK: i will teach you somethin about life theo
Theo: pls do
LK: are you ready?
Theo: yes
LK: ok
well, if you wanna do something..
you have to do it for yourself
if you wait for other ppl to do things
they never happen
the end
Theo: lol, ok

Theo: whenever you go to sleep, do your emotions go haywire?
LK: lol... no

LK: im worried
that we're not going to be in constant contact
while i'm away...
Theo: its ok
i've been feeling alienated much more lately
so this will fit
LK: when you say lately
do you mean
the last 1 day?
Theo: yes
LK: lol
Theo: lol
LK: ridiculous

LK: how was school?
Theo: it was ok
my teacher looks like robert deniro

LK: idk what to do tonight
i think i should just work on stuff
but i feel like
i should probably hang out with my friends at some point
Theo: do you want to make a suicide pact with me?

Theo: today
something hit jupiter
LK: oh
Theo: and the explosion was the size of earth
LK: oh wow
Theo: yes
8:03 PM im eating spaghetti
and i feel awful
im ok
LK: oh no
whats up
Theo: i was thinking about things
LK: uhoh
what like?
Theo: one thought i had
‘fuck jupiter’
LK: good
Theo: another one i had was
‘i hate this shirt im wearing’
and now im eating spaghetti
LK: ok theo,
take those last few things you said,
and paste them into a document
and make a poem

LK: lol omg
im at work
just had a monster
Theo: WOW
LK: im on lunch rn
Theo: thats cool
whatcha eating?
LK: had a bagel
Theo: jesus lk
im so interested

LK: what are you doing
Theo: [looking at] cat and dogs pics, etc.
LK: oh ok
Theo: i dont need your patronizing comments lk
i know i need to fix my life
what are you doing?

LK: im sad maybe, lol
Theo: why?
i think im sad maybe too
wtf is this life
what a world, jesus
jesus, what a world
LK: oh fuck
Theo: jesus, what a world, jesus.
LK: what a world,
all of my friends are far away

lk shaw lives in toronto

theo thimo lives in massachusetts