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Francisca Matos


The sun stays out for so long now
it clings to my face. Whatever you do
make it fun. I throw dice and watch my luck
swirl around a plate in the backyard.
I think I’m changing, Calvin says,
and the trees pattern the back of his shirt.
I think I’m becoming better at being
a bad animal, but still can’t help but ask
for forgiveness. Forgiveness
for thinking everything is also a funny thing.
I open the mail and find Gonçalo
has paid 1,65 euro to tell me he’s here.
Somewhere you are also here
and I wrap my mind around it in the grass.
Do you ever know what you’re doing?
Are you blown away all the time?
Am I being weird? No that’s just
what happens

Francisca Matos wrote HARD SUMMER (Write Bloody UK, 2021)

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