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Cloudy Fog

Nature is Natural

Rachael Lee Nelson

the wilderness is so wild

and massively massive

and also really cold

at night out here where we’ve walked

with the camping versions of things

we already owned in our homes

strapped to our backs

on our elective trip

out to endure the elements

and in the tent i am the warmest

thing for miles and you appreciate it

the life pumping through my veins

feels powerful enough to heat

the interior of any

standard american restaurant


in the mountains you are a cloud

in my dreams we are in the mountain

in the cloud is all of our data

just kidding!

in the cloud no one else exists

in my data your name is above 1000 messages

the wilderness is a dream sequence

i wrote into the poem

the poem is me hitting

my head against a wall


the cloud is heavy on top of me

and i want to kiss it, i want to climb

inside its black hoodie and stay there

with no consequences until i die

drowned in desire like an idiot


with certain things you don’t know

until you puncture them

whether you’ll release water

or blood






Rachael Lee Nelson wrote "Can I Handle the Seasons of My Life?"

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