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The Middle


What name do I want to name my life?


It's almost January.


I go for a walk.


To look for evidence that things are getting better.


And I see it.


In the blackberries that line the path.


Remove the bitterness.


It's like summer in the city.


I read your poem on the lawn.


We lie down to avoid death/wind.


If you want to use the whole body.


Jump into the sea without fear.


Sleep: Stay in the air.


Inside, my flatmates are very happy.


I try to drown it out with disturbing pop music.


What do I need to summon you into my life.


I once loved a woman who loved me.


But look how it plays out.


I can use my whole body.


You send me a photo of yourself pointing at the moon.


With a big grin and I heart react it.


The sky is still smeared pink in the middle.

Stacey Teague wrote hoki mai (if a leaf falls press, 2020)

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