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The Big Salad: Lacan Confronts the CIA Plot

Michael Inscoe

Without fear or worry


Given enough in the past


I woke up from being in a medically induced coma a couple weeks ago


And the world responds with admiration and awe


But blackbirds betraying nature to follow man in his artificial universe—


God is horrific


I lean on the car and do box breathing


I don't need a bunch of people staring at us


My mother in law said it's almost impossible to have a panic attack when you plug one nostril and breathe deeply


After all, there is such thing as somnambulistic activity, a guy who wears sneakers and watches TV


Who here has weed


In the airport I'm cold and extremely aware of being alone


I am deprived of even my most subjective intimate experience


Despite the economic downturn, I'm so happy. I have been earning returns from my investment every 13 days


God is dead, but he doesn't know it


Brian Jones died for your sins


People say I'm weak


Still a perfect song after all these years


This is what you would tell your friends so they can message or follow you from another server


When a baby chokes it's silent


Man's desire is the Other's desire


We don't need a bunch of people staring at us


I’d have liked him to keep the apartment


Are such paradoxes really the exclusive domain of human history



Michael Inscoe made so much art for Shabby Doll House.

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