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31 Croatian Sunsets


there are over 50 miles of beach

on this island

according to the online advertisements

although what you can’t see from the pictures

is that they’re actually made of little pebbles

not sand

nevermind, at least it is still

warm enough to swim

even if we are the only people here to do so

of the 27 species of snake that are native to the area

only 3 varieties are poisonous

& none of them are deadly

so don’t worry

although what would we even do

if one of us got in trouble really

to avoid thinking about that

let’s make a schedule:

every day

we’ll write til 4

go swimming for a bit, rinse off

& then we’ll have a snack & drink

i miss the dog

why couldn’t he come again?

do you think you can get

benzos over the counter at the pharmacy

in this country?

how do you say xanax in croatian?

some people we barely know break up

you try to act like this does not upset you

but you hate it when people we know break up

a feature i either find

infuriating or endearing

tell me

how come there are so many layers in puff pastry

when it is just one sheet of pastry

& do you ever wonder if we just

made each other up

so we could travel & be free

& why aren’t there any dolphins here

or sea turtles for that matter

i’ve swum next to a sea turtle, you know

it’s raining today

i’m translating clickbait for buzzfeed by the window

man their pay rate sucks


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