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“Witty and self-deprecating and instantly relatable.”

Written over the course of two summers following the poet’s 33rd birthday.


Longing for an irretrievable beach paradise ✔

Yearning for an abandoned tower to hide in ✔

(Failing to) deal with ageing by building a hot transcendent yoga body ✔

Loving convenience in spite of yourself ✔

A manifesto against self-optimization ✔

Blasé satanism ?

An elegy for desire ✔

A meditation on death ?

A bisexual epic ✔

An unrelenting affirmation that “this world is all there is” ✔


Obsession, delusion, solitude, longing. That’s the thing with The Island.

The Island covers (3).png

THE ISLAND, a book-length haiku by Oscar d'Artois
with artwork by Mad Manning

Coming June 4th, 2024

it recedes again

forever moving away

the island of course

is not real, a construct of


it’s not like i’ve never been

but there’s a difference 

between how i represent 

it in my mind’s eye

& how things actually are

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“A fast life lived in an existential daze with a pop-punk poetic consciousness.”

Praise for Oscar d'Artois

“I loved so many references in The Island. Cold brew, yoga, spritzes, consumer culture, the internet, queerness... So funny and real and sparkly"
- Chloe Caldwell, author of WOMEN

“A book of fantasy built on internet dreams and nostalgia for what never existed: the fantasy of an eternal American youth, the wish that love can save us, the hope that we can practice for death. A re-projection of the images projected on us every day. An affirmation that as misguided as we are, we too deserve poetry.”

- Melissa Broder, author of Death Valley

The Island covers (3).png

Oscar d’Artois is a writer & translator who was born in 1989 in Paris, France. He is also the author of TEEN SURF GOTH (Metatron Press, 2015) and lives mostly out of a suitcase. 

Illustrations by Mad Manning

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Also coming soon from Shabby Doll House:

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