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‘I just felt so excited and kind of overwhelmed in a really good way. Just a night of old friends and new friends and it’s just... yet another, not so much a reminder because I already know this, but this is what it’s all about, for me. Just making things to share with people... writing poetry and having a party about it and being able to bring together people from every part of your life. It’s just so cool. There’s really nothing better than that, to me.’

Caroline Rayner on readings in Baltimore, MD, Asheville, NC & Richmond, VA.

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‘Something that I was thinking about as I was driving up to Richmond today was that all the things that we’re doing and the way that I was feeling, it all felt very connected to the book. Just like, we were grilling and hanging out in the backyard and driving through the mountains to get to this spot in the river and we were swimming and talking in the water. The reading was in a really beautiful garden behind the bookstore and I was meeting a lot of people and feeling out a different kind of social situation or group than I’m used to and it all felt really exciting and activating and all of that just feels very true to The Moan Wilds.’

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'I had so much fun reading. I’m just really enjoying getting up and acting like a freak. Moving around and bending around and really trying to... I feel like I’m always talking about inhabiting or embodying the poem but I’m just realising, or maybe not realising... solidifying the kind of books that I want to write. The poetry that feels the most exciting to me is poetry that lends itself to a whole entire experience... I want to ask everyone to really feel it with me.'

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