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Pastel Gradient

Zine Writing Club


ONLINE, 11am - 1PM EST

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slow build cumulative writing project


writing small things for fun


creative nonfiction without rules, just ideas


MAKING a little zine because it feels good

inspired by writers like

marguerite duras, dennis cooper, momo kapor, joe brainard,

danil kharms, sheila heti, alice notley, david shields, kevin killian, gustave flaubert & MORE

For people who have already written a lot / for people who haven’t written anything / for people who are in between projects / for people who want to start something new / for people who just feel like writing for fun / for people who want to spend the last few weeks of winter staying at home on Sundays, making friends and art, reading and writing... Everyone is welcome.

Timezone compatible for

Europe, Africa and the Americas:

5pm-7pm CET

4pm -6pm UK

11am - 1pm EST

10am - 12pm CT

8am - 10am PST

6 x two hour ONLINE CLASSES

weekly CURATED reading TO YOUR INBOX

weekly SHORT FORM writing assignments

new friends, FUN 

$100 - $175 usd, sliding scale

week 1: unconventional reviews

Our culture perpetually encourages us to write reviews, of restaurants, Uber drivers, books, movies, hotels, teachers... while at the same time, venues for critical reviews of art, music and literature are disappearing. So now what? In this first session, we’ll consider unconventional reviews by writers like Kevin Killian and Mira Gonzalez, and explore the virtual archives of Zagreb’s Museum of Broken Relationships in which personal stories are told through objects, question the importance (or flippancy) of recording our opinions, and discuss the objectives of reviews across different contexts.

week 2: private diaries

We’ll read some examples of published diaries by writers like Sheila Heti, Virginia Woolf  and Megan Boyle, talk about our experiences of keeping private diaries vs public live journals, discuss the literary merit of this kind of writing and the discipline it requires, consider intentionality with regard to personal vs public diary writing, and ask ourselves what we want to happen to our private archives after we die.


week 3: inventive interviews

​We’ll consider the possibilities of the interview as a literary form, discuss interviews that are memorable to us, consider chat histories as literature, consider interviews as performance and as a part of a writer’s body of work, read examples of iconic interviews such as Dennis Cooper's with Ryu Murakami, various conversations with Alice Notley, and unpick Marcel Proust’s questionnaire.


week 4: literary collage

Blending original and found language to create something strange and new. We’ll read from writers like David Shields, Joe Brainard & Marguerite Duras, and imagine the possibility that literature can come from anywhere and then corkscrew itself away to somewhere completely different and unexpected. The idea here is to use language found online, perhaps in YouTube comments, text messages, Reddit threads, Strava data, our old Tumblr accounts, or wherever else, and to weave it into a tapestry of text alongside our own new and original writing. 


week 5: lyrical lists

We will consider Gustave Flaubert, Maggie Nelson, Lucy K Shaw, (lol), among other list makers, and explore the potential for musicality when employing perhaps the most simple of literary forms. We will write rapid-fire lists from our most basic, quotidian details, and use these as a foundation to tell the stories that compel us. Honestly, anything could happen here. 


week 6: how to make a zine/book

In the final session, we’ll talk about how to edit your pieces into a collection of writing, how to expand on it, and how to know when you’re finished. We’ll go step-by-step on how to format a manuscript and how to have it printed so that you can share your work with friends and strangers... We’ll discuss cover design, blurbs, and font selection. and we’ll do a Q&A in the event that you have any more questions. The aim here is to give you the tools to complete a short collection of writing and to create a finished product, if you feel like it. 

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Zine Writing Club is led by me, Lucy K Shaw.

Hi. I wrote several books including Woman With Hat, Troisième Vague and The Motion. I started Shabby Doll House in 2012. I have edited and published work by hundreds of writers from all over world, first online, and more recently in books too.  You can read a little more about me & Shabby Doll House here, or listen to me talk about it here.

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At the end of each session, you will be given a fun, achievable writing assignment based on the topics we have discussed in class. 

We will not formally workshop our writing as a group, but we will have a conversation at the beginning of each class about last week’s assignment. Everyone will be invited to talk about their experience and read from their work, if they want to. Sharing work with other members of the group (in or outside of class) is encouraged, but not necessary. I want everyone to feel like they can keep their writing to themselves until they feel ready to share it.

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The first Zine Writing Club is now full!

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